Keep advocating for yourself, because sadly, some healthcare providers are dismissive of women’s healthcare concerns.

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I’ve hated having my period since I first began having it at 11 years old.

I remember bleeding through my pants in middle school and a male classmate giving me his sweatshirt to cover myself. I remember sitting in the middle of a standardized test in seventh grade and having debilitating cramps. I remember the sharp pain that hit in the middle of tenth grade Geometry class, killing my ability to concentrate, and being sent to the nurse’s office by my teacher.

Now, at almost age 28, I just had another period where I laid in bed, debilitated by the…

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  1. Most of your first year in your own classroom will be learned on the fly and through trial and error. The important part is that you learn and continue to grow every school year.
  2. Other teachers can be toxic — take note of who you can flourish around, and who puts a damper on things, judges you, and/or gives you that bad feeling in your stomach.
  3. All teachers need boundaries. Especially if you’re a young teacher, you learn very quickly that you need to have ironclad boundaries with your students, colleagues, admin and parents.
  4. If you’re a young female high…

Your heart breaks for a little while so theirs will never break again.

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At the beginning of 2020, before any of us could have predicted the Covid-19 pandemic, I created a New Year’s resolutions list for myself of all I hoped to accomplish during this year. On that list, I included that I wanted to foster kittens. I currently have two cats of my own and have always had a soft spot for animals, cats and kittens in particular. I wanted to make a difference and nurture some fur babies before they went to their forever homes.

This year I…

Fellow introverts, this one’s for you.

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I have the personality of a cat: I want to be left alone most of the time, but when I’m around good people, I enjoy the company…for a little while.

Many introverts can relate. We obtain our energy from alone time, or from being around people who don’t require us to be “on” in the form of small talk, constant chit-chat and superfluous conversation. …

Alpine Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness. Photo courtesy of the author.

I’ve lived in Idaho for 3 years now and just completed my first backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Wilderness with my ladies’ hiking group, which I think makes me a fully-fledged Idahoan at this point. This trip challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally; I hiked 8.2 miles the first day and 4.8 miles the second day, putting me at a total of 13.0 miles by the end of my trip.

The highest elevation we gained at was at Sawtooth Lake, which rises to an impressive 8,435 feet of altitude (where we also saw two elk carcasses that had been struck…

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I looked at my summer to-do list and as I usually do, started mentally prioritizing the different tasks I want to complete by the end of August by what needs to be done immediately, and what can be done later. I looked at two items on my list (Repair the couch from where my wonderful cats scratched the fabric, and scan/upload old family photos to a Google Drive folder and share with my family) and thought, “These will be ‘last-resort’ things to do during another quarantine, when I really can’t leave the house.”

Then it occurred to me that although…

Something as simple as a box can be so much fun. Photo courtesy of the author.

“If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for the purr.” -Barbara L. Diamond

I didn’t believe in fate for a long time, until a certain white cat showed up in my life and soon became the love of my life. It was June of 2017 and I had just gotten home from visiting my new city for the first time after deciding to move there. I was leaving a hair appointment when I saw a Facebook friend post a photo of a tiny white kitten, saying they had found him by himself in…

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At my busiest in college I was working three jobs and taking two online classes. I was a cashier at a beauty store, a tutor, and was still writing/editing for my college newspaper, while I was also taking a history elective on Native American culture, and an English elective on 20th century literature. I was absolutely exhausted, but I was also 22 years old and had the energy to be juggling so much at once (albeit not for long periods of time).

Overachievers have a hard time prioritizing because everything is equally important. Choosing one project to focus on at…

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“Brain areas implicated in the stress response include the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. Traumatic stress can be associated with lasting changes in these brain areas. Traumatic stress is associated with increased cortisol and norepinephrine responses to subsequent stressors.”

A few months ago, before COVID-19 and quarantine turned the world upside down, I took a professional development course for teachers on childhood trauma. I was in pursuit of knowledge to help my students, and recognized a not-so-small part of me that wanted to understand more about how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can impact people (including myself) well into adulthood. I…

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Starting any sustainability practice is an awesome, commendable thing, but sometimes what stands in the way of making an environmentally-conscious change is a lack of knowledge about where to begin, or thinking that being sustainable has to cost a lot of money. I’ve seen the listicles about different products to buy and they drive me nuts because I want to be more sustainable, but I’ve felt like I don’t have the budget for it at times. You can be sustainable in cheap and low-cost ways that are easy to do.

1. Use your own containers.

As a teacher who tries to be sustainable whenever possible…

Danielle Blumhardt

A millennial English teacher navigating the world with lots of coffee, books and 2 cats. Just writing about life. Insta: @thepoeenglishteacher

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